Mike Navarre

Democrat — “I have known Paul Dale for about 50 years and believe he will be an outstanding legislator. Paul has always approached life, business and even politics with a calm, thoughtful, deliberate and rational outlook. He assesses situations and addresses problems with experience and intelligence, providing a thoughtful perspective, while inviting input from different perspectives and backgrounds. In short, he does his homework and works with others to find responsible solutions. I am always impressed with Paul’s common-sense and disarming approach to issues and problems. He exhibits the exact traits we should expect from our state legislators. He’s experienced, intelligent, thoughtful, invites and incorporates input from everyone – including differing perspectives, and seeks consensus on proposed solutions. A common-sense approach to public policy. Alaska is facing significant challenges over the next few years and we need good, effective legislators to navigate those challenges and find solutions. Paul Dale has the necessary skills to be a very effective legislator for the Kenai Peninsula and Alaska. He is an independent thinker, has proven his ability to work well with diverse individuals and perspectives, exhibits strong leadership skills, listens and applies himself to finding responsible solutions and is always prepared. Paul Dale’s successful business experience and past experience in public office will serve him well in Juneau. He will be an excellent member of the Alaska Legislature and I encourage residents of House District 29 to support Paul with your vote and financially if you are able. I have complete confidence that Paul will do an outstanding job and fully endorse his candidacy.”

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