Darryl Schaefermeyer

Republican — “Alaska and House District 29 needs Paul Dale’s voice and guiding hand in the Legislature.  The fiscal crisis is daunting and even if we don’t fund any PFD, and with the oil tax credit liability and keeping services funded at FY21 levels, the tax contribution required approaches $500 per man, woman and child to achieve a balanced budget.  We have already virtually eliminated the Ferry System, significantly denigrated Highway Maintenance (case in point is the closure of the Seward Highway Silvertip station), eviscerated the University of Alaska budget, compromised the funding of Pre K through 12 education as well as virtually every other vital state programs, especially Medicaid, Public Safety and Corrections. We  need Paul’s hand on the tiller along with a strong House Majority working with him.  We must prevail in sending Paul to Juneau. It’s not hyperbole to say the stakes have never been higher.”

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