Christine Monfor

Independent —- “Not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion; thinking for oneself.”

“Paul Dale is campaigning for the Alaska State House, District 29. This district begins in Nikiski and travels from the Spur Highway, to the Sterling Highway and concludes in Seward. District 29 encompasses a wide variety of Alaskans and their views on how our State has been managed. Not everyone who lives in District 29 agrees with the current divisiveness happening in Juneau and have been vocal about how they feel. Like the Alaskans who make up District 29, not everyone elected is of the same mindset and that is the reason Paul Dale is an Independent.

As an independent, Paul will listen to all sides of the issues, work for consensus and look for conclusions that are best for Alaskans. He will work to end the polarization that has been the mainstay of the last few years. Paul’s business knowledge has evolved over 30 years of working in the seafood industry. His time on the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly gave him a first hand look at politics in action. Paul cares about Alaskans, will work to deliver concise results, transparency on the issues and listen to his constituents. Please VOTE on November 3rd. Cast your vote for Paul Dale.

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