Christine Monfor

Independent —- “Not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion; thinking for oneself.”

“Paul Dale is campaigning for the Alaska State House, District 29. This district begins in Nikiski and travels from the Spur Highway, to the Sterling Highway and concludes in Seward. District 29 encompasses a wide variety of Alaskans and their views on how our State has been managed. Not everyone who lives in District 29 agrees with the current divisiveness happening in Juneau and have been vocal about how they feel. Like the Alaskans who make up District 29, not everyone elected is of the same mindset and that is the reason Paul Dale is an Independent.

As an independent, Paul will listen to all sides of the issues, work for consensus and look for conclusions that are best for Alaskans. He will work to end the polarization that has been the mainstay of the last few years. Paul’s business knowledge has evolved over 30 years of working in the seafood industry. His time on the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly gave him a first hand look at politics in action. Paul cares about Alaskans, will work to deliver concise results, transparency on the issues and listen to his constituents. Please VOTE on November 3rd. Cast your vote for Paul Dale.

Thomas Pellegrom, President CEO Peak Oilfield services

Independent — “I have known Paul Dale for over 25 years, and his ability to manage business within a dynamic industry has been a pleasure to be a part of. Peak oilfield Service is Based in Nikiski and relies on solid leadership in a great community. Our workforce is 100% Alaskan. We have challenging times ahead and there is no better person than Paul Dale to lead the charge. Paul’s ability to find middle ground is an art. I am fully endorsing Paul Dale for House District 29. Please vote, this is one of the most important elections of our time, and be sure to Vote Paul Dale House District 29.”

Merrill and Carmen McGahan

Republican — “I choose Paul Dale as my candidate for the District 29 state house seat. Paul has been a businessman in this area for a number of years. He resides in Nikiski and has raised his family here. He is honest, dependable and cares about the people whom he is affiliated with. He has been a fish processer for numerous years and has always tried to find solutions to any business problem that has come his way. I truly believe that Paul will use the qualities that he has to serve the people of District 29 in their best interest. I urge the residents of District 29 to support Paul and give him your vote.”

Conor Dempsey

Democrat — “I would urge my friends and family from district 29 to vote for Paul Dale. Having known Paul since I was just 16 and starting my commercial fishing career, I can attest to his character. Having founded and run Snug harbor Seafoods, I believe he will be an important ally to Alaska’s fishermen, who are too often ignored. Unlike incumbent Ben Carpenter, who has accomplished nothing and has been absent far too often, Paul has a resume of effective leadership. Where Ben has voted to close public schools in District 29 ( including the school he graduated from), Paul believes in good government and providing needed services to our community. We need more good politicians, and less hot headed rhetoric. Anyone can make a headline grabbing remark, but it’ll take leadership skills to dig Alaska out of its financial hole that Ben Carpenter lacks.”

Darryl Schaefermeyer

Republican — “Alaska and House District 29 needs Paul Dale’s voice and guiding hand in the Legislature.  The fiscal crisis is daunting and even if we don’t fund any PFD, and with the oil tax credit liability and keeping services funded at FY21 levels, the tax contribution required approaches $500 per man, woman and child to achieve a balanced budget.  We have already virtually eliminated the Ferry System, significantly denigrated Highway Maintenance (case in point is the closure of the Seward Highway Silvertip station), eviscerated the University of Alaska budget, compromised the funding of Pre K through 12 education as well as virtually every other vital state programs, especially Medicaid, Public Safety and Corrections. We  need Paul’s hand on the tiller along with a strong House Majority working with him.  We must prevail in sending Paul to Juneau. It’s not hyperbole to say the stakes have never been higher.”

Joe Arness

Republican — “I have known Paul Dale since we were both in high school at KCHS, and more significantly since we were both on the Borough Assembly in the early 80’s. Then, as now, Paul and I can disagree on individual issues, however, I always know that he is listening and thinking about what I’ve said. I believe he is the sort of thoughtful, pragmatic individual who can distinctly help sort out the debacle that is our Legislature as well as participate in finding bipartisan solutions to Alaska’s current set of issues.”

Signed by Joe Arness, Peggy Arness, Republican, and Jim Arness, Nonpartisan and Dorothy Gray, Nonpartisan

Mike Navarre

Democrat — “I have known Paul Dale for about 50 years and believe he will be an outstanding legislator. Paul has always approached life, business and even politics with a calm, thoughtful, deliberate and rational outlook. He assesses situations and addresses problems with experience and intelligence, providing a thoughtful perspective, while inviting input from different perspectives and backgrounds. In short, he does his homework and works with others to find responsible solutions. I am always impressed with Paul’s common-sense and disarming approach to issues and problems. He exhibits the exact traits we should expect from our state legislators. He’s experienced, intelligent, thoughtful, invites and incorporates input from everyone – including differing perspectives, and seeks consensus on proposed solutions. A common-sense approach to public policy. Alaska is facing significant challenges over the next few years and we need good, effective legislators to navigate those challenges and find solutions. Paul Dale has the necessary skills to be a very effective legislator for the Kenai Peninsula and Alaska. He is an independent thinker, has proven his ability to work well with diverse individuals and perspectives, exhibits strong leadership skills, listens and applies himself to finding responsible solutions and is always prepared. Paul Dale’s successful business experience and past experience in public office will serve him well in Juneau. He will be an excellent member of the Alaska Legislature and I encourage residents of House District 29 to support Paul with your vote and financially if you are able. I have complete confidence that Paul will do an outstanding job and fully endorse his candidacy.”

Tami Murray

Independent — “I first met Paul Dale at a chamber luncheon. He was the one asking the tough questions of our Senators. I could tell then what I now know, Paul isn’t afraid of those tough questions. He isn’t afraid to get all the answers. He supports our community. He understands the issues we face. He is fiscally responsible. He isn’t affiliated. He gives me hope that bipartisan solutions can happen. I live in District 29 and I am voting for Paul Dale as my Representative.”